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Newton County, Missouri Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View vintage maps of Newton County, Missouri here:Newton County, Missouri Maps
Additional Newton County, Missouri Biographies: A to C
Joseph H. Davidson
C. E. Davis
John B. Davis
Constantine Dean
William B. DeBolt
Andrew Devine
William T. Dougherty
Robert H. Douthitt
Flemmon R. Dummit
Isaac Duncan
Benjamin Ashburn Duvall
Ishmael Earley
James Elliott
Hiram Wilson Estes
Reuben T. Everhard
Anderson S. Ewing
Scott Ferris
Thaddeus S. Fertig
Henry Gilman Fetters
Julius Fishel
Joel Hawkins Fowler
George Frank
Thomas R. Freeman
William Boone Frost
Charles E. Garitt
George Gascoigne
Isaac Gearhart
Conrad Gerbing
Alfred P. Gibson
Richard Gilstrop
Zachariah Jarrett Gold
George Graves
J. I. Green
William H. T. Green
John Grimes
Nicholas Gruber
Ben Haas
Mary Haggard
Thomas Hainsworth
Harwood Hall
A. C. Hampton
James C. Harmon
Perry B. Harns
George W. Harrison
John T. Hart
Eli Hawk
William P. Hazard
Ruel I. Henderson
Thomas Benton Henderson
John Henry

John C. Herms
Oric M. Hewlett
Thomas McDuffa Higgs
Henry Hill
James E. Hinton
James Franklin Holmes
James F. Hubbard
Jerry Hubbard
George Hubbert
Charles Huber
George Hudson
James Huffman
James H. Hughes
Gladden Gorin Hughlett
Gabriel Hutchison
Additional Newton County, Missouri Biographies: J to M
Additional Newton County, Missouri Biographies: N to R
Additional Newton County, Missouri Biographies: S to Z

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