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Darke County, Ohio Family Biographies - Two

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

Additional Darke County Biographies: A to B
Andrew Robeson Calderwood
G. M. Calderwood
James R. Calderwood
Charles Calkins
Henry Calkins
John H. Campbell
Aaron G. Carson
William Cassell
Charles W. Chenoweth
Jacob B. Chenoweth
L. E. Chenoweth
Thomas F. Chenoweth
David Christian
Solomon B. Christian
B. H. Clark
John C. Clark
John D. Clark
Michael Cline
Gorden Cloyd
Moses Coate
George Coblentz
Gideon J. Coblentz
Harrison Coblentz
Henry M. Cole
Joseph Cole, Jr.
William Cole
Samuel S. Collins
Frank T. Conkling
Amos Cook
Isaac B. Cool
Philip Coons
John H. Corwin
Jacob W. Cox
David Craig
Daniel Creager
Solomon Creager
James B. Creviston
Philemon Cromwell
E. O. Cruea
T. W. Culbertson
Prosper Dabe
John Darland
Thomas J. Davis
William Davis
Oscar F. Davison
Rebecca G. Davison
John Day
John W. Deardourff
Josiah B. Deeter
D. B. Denham
Aaron S. Denise
Joseph Denniston
John G. Deubner
Elijah Devor
John Devor
William H. Dill
John Dininger
Lewis Dininger
Michael W. Dininger
J. N. Ditman
Joseph Ditmer
George Ditmore
John M. Ditmore
James L. Downing
Jason Downing
William Drew
John W. Duckwall
A. M. Dunkel
W. S. Dunn
Martin Dwyre
Horatio Dye
James N. Eakins
Joseph Eichelberger
F. M. Eidson
George W. Eliker
George Emrick
Samuel Emrick
William Emrick
Christian Erisman
James Esty
Benjamin W. Evans
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