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Darke County, Ohio Family Biographies - Nine

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Henry St. Clair
C. C. Sater
William Schafer
Daniel Schaurer
John Scheiding
Jacob O. Schell
Christian Schlechty
George Schlechty
Henry Schlemmer
Frederick C. Schneider
William H. Schultz
John H. Schwable
John H. Scott
Ira Sebring
John Sebring
Adolph Seibt
Jacob Senseman
Andrew J. Serber
William H. Settle
C. J. Shade
Job M. Shafer
Peter Shank
Isaac M. Shields
Patrick Shields
Rily Shilt
Henry Shover
A. I. Shuler
Titus Shuler
Henry Shumaker
G. W. Sigerfoos
David W. Sigler
John S. Simon
I. Q. Sinks
A. F. Smith
Adam Smith
Adam N. Smith
Andrew J. Smith
David Smith
John Smith
O. H. Smith
William M. Smith
Daniel Snell
Henry Snell
Emily (Lawrence) Snodgrass
J. H. Snook
Daniel Snyder
Geo. W. Snyder
William Spencer
Daniel Spitler
Elias Spitler
David J. Stahl
Harmon R. Stahl
Elias F. Stauffer
James Steele
Jacob Steinle
John Stephens
L. B. Stephens
Leander M. Stevenson
W. H. Stover
Elias R. Strait
Joel Strait
A. G. Strobel
G. W. Studabaker
Jesse Stutsman
Robert Surber
Daniel Swadner
Aaron Swank
Samuel Swank
Jesse Swisher
Robert Swisher
David W. Taylor
Barney Teaford
Jonathan Teaford
Thomas E. Teal
J. B. Tennell
Elijah Thatcher
J. H. Thomas
John L. Thomas
S. S. Thomas
William Thomas
David Thompson
William Thompson
Henry Tillman
John C. Tillman
John Tilman
Walter J. Todd
Alfred Townsend
Joshua Townsend
Nehemiah Townsend
William Townsend
J. W. Troxell
George Trump
Francis M. Tullis
Joseph R. Turner
George H. Turpen
John C. Turpen
Thomas P. Turpen
William V. Turpen

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