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Darke County, Ohio Family Biographies - Seven

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Patrick H. Maher
G. W. Manix
John Mark
George Marker
Leonard Marker
Martin Marker
James Jones Markwith
Anna M. Marshall
James W. Martin
John Foster Martin
John Hershey Martin
John Holmes Martin
L. R. Martin
Robert Martin
Samuel Martin
William Martin
Martin Martindale
John G. Martini
Jacob Teuchnan Martz
William Hendrickson Matchett
James McCabe
David R. McClure
Ira McClure
James Y. McCool
William H. McCoun
Thomas McCowen
M. McDaniel
Alexander Hugh McEowen
Isaac N. McFarland
James McFarland
Washington McGinnis
Wm. McGriff
James McNeil
Augustus W. McNight
Isaac N. Medford
David L. Meeker
J. B. Mehaffie
Wm. B. Mendenhall
Lydia Meyers
A. T. Miller
Abraham Miller
Daniel Miller
Frederick Miller
George Miller
George Miller
George D. Miller
George W. Miller
Isaac E. Miller
Joseph Gordon Miller
William Miller
John Milligan
Harrod Mills
John W. Mills
Samuel B. Minnich
Alferd Mongeville
George Washington Moore
Wm. H. Morningstar
James N. Morrison
Robert A. Morrison
Silas Morrison
Nelson Mote
David E. Mundhenk
Philip Mundhenk
William H. Murphy
William Nealeigh
Joseph Neff
Charles Negley
George Netzley
George Nisonger
David Niswonger
David W. Niswonger
Eli Niswonger
John Niswonger
David Noggle
George N. Noggle
Michael Noggle
Rufus G. Noggle
John E. North
John Nyswonger
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