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Darke County, Ohio Family Biographies - Four

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Orlando J. Hager
Aaron Hahn
Amos Hahn
Jacob Halderman
John W. Hall
Joseph W. Hamiel
John C. Hamilton
William R. Hand
Christian Hangen
Philip Hangen
Robert L. Harper
William Sanford Harper
David A. Harsh
David Harshey
Isaac Harshey
Elias Hart
Manning F. Hart
Aaron Harter
Elam Harter
Elias Harter
Solomon Harter
William B. Harter
C. B. Hartman
J. A. Hartman
Robert S. Hartman
George Hartzell
Jonas Hartzell
P. H. Hartzell
Phillip Hartzell
Philip S. Hartzell
John R. Hawes
Lycurgus Hawes
David Heffner
Samuel Heffner
William Heffner
John Hemp
Clark Henkle
Daniel Henne
John M. Henninger
Manuel Hershey
John Hess
H. L. Hill
Harvey Hill
Harvey Hill
Milton Hill
Obadiah Hill
D. S. Hime
William Hindsley
Jacob Hinsey
Joseph Hittle
Absalom Hoffert
Daniel Hole
J. R. Holland
Jackson Hollaway
G. W. Hollis
Fredrick K. Holsapple
Adam Horine
George T. Horine
Samuel Horine
Balser Horn
Robert C. Horner
Isaac Hostetter
Fredrick Houpt
Lewis Howell
Levi Huddle
Francis M. Huffer
Samuel Huffer
Moses Huhn
G. C. Hulse
Jacob Hunchberger
Abraham Hunt
Ralph Hunt
Richard M. Hunt
D. F. Hunter
John A. Hunter
William Hunter
Jesse R. Hyer
Aaron A. Irelan
George Ivester
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