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Boone County, Kentucky Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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William Appleton
Lewis Aylor
Daniel M. Bagby
Edwin H. Baker
George W. Baker
John Barton
Ephraim H. Blankenbeker
Sebern P. Brady
James W. Calvert
William H. Carpenter
James R. Clutterbuck
Marcus Collins
Fowler Connelly
Reuben Conner
William H. Corbin
John T. Craven
Cyrus L. Crisler
Thomas F. Curley
Lewis H. Dills
Benjamin A. Dulaney
Edwin William Duncan
R. A. Edwards
Robert L. Finnell
Joel B. Fraizer
Josiah G. Furnish
George W. Gaines
Oscar W. Gaines
Owen Gaines
J. Frank Grant
Philip O. Griffin
Frank A. Hall
Joseph Cabell Harrison
John S. Hoggins
Wesley Hoggins
Francis M. Howlett
Joseph A. Huey
George G. Hughes
James H. Jackson
L. F. Jackson
Joseph C. Jenkins
A. N. Jones
William Storey Keene
Leonard W. Lassing
William F. McKim
Arthur B. Parker
Albert Price
William A. Price
Joseph C. Revill
Columbus T. Rice
Eugene S. Rice
Fountain Riddell
W. L. Riddell
Granville V. Rouse
Walter R. Rouse
Charles R. Slater
Frank H. Smith
Henry T. Snyder
Nicholas Talbot
Joel Tanner
Joshua Z. Tanner
William C. Tanner
George W. Terrill
Jonas C. Terrill
William R. Terrill
Samuel W. Tolin
James H. Walton
Walter S. Walton
William H. Walton
Albert G. Winston
John A. Wood

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