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Greene County, Illinois Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Peter Achenbach
Joseph Adams
Joseph Akers
T. J. Albert
Alonzo Allen
Benjamin Allen
Charles E. Allen
F. H. Allen
Jas. M. Allen
Joseph Duncan Allen
W. J. Allen
William A. Allen
James Alverson
George H. Amos
John Amos
John D. Anderson
Lewis Andrews
N. J. Andrews
B. R. Antrobus
J. W. Ardinger
C. Armstrong
Frank P. Armstrong
Geo. W. Armstrong
James M. Armstrong
George Ashford
A. J. Ashley
James M. Ashley
James Ashlock
William M. Ashlock
Edward L. Atchison
Joseph J. Atkins
Samuel A. Aulabaugh
J. S. Baker
Joseph R. Baker
W. C. Baker
John Baldes
E. V. Baldwin
F. M. Baldwin
George E. Baldwin
Hannah Baldwin
Jane M. Baldwin
Thomas J. Baldwin
A. J. Ballard
Louis J. Ballard
W. P. Ballard
G. A. Ballow
Horatio Bandy
Thos. Bandy
George Barnett
Henry A. Barnett
W. L. Barnett
William Barrett
A. Barrow
Alfred H. Barrow
Joseph Barrow
B. B. Bartholomew
Isaac Barton
B. U. Bassham
Peter J. Bates
George Beadnell
W. S. Beason
Samuel L. Beebe
John Bell
Martin L. Bell
Phillip Bermis
I. W. Bernthistle
William Berthlett
Ely T. Bigham
Barney Bird
John W. Black
J. Blackshaw
M. R. Blodgett
Henry Boerlin
John M. Boring
A. Bowman
Abraham Bowman
Albert Bowman
Alvin C. Bowman
Daniel Bowman
Jacob Bowman
M. Bowman
Thomas H. Boyd
Curtis W. Brace
Thaddeus W. Brace
Absalom Bradley
R. C. Bradley
Mary A. Bradshaw
Perry Bradshaw
William M. Bradshaw
James H. Brickey
F. M. Bridges
Elisha Bridgewater
James E. Brooks
Willis Brooks
Andrew Brown
Felix Brown
George Brown
I. T. Brown
John Brown
Louisa Brown
Peter A. Brown
Samuel E. Brown
John P. Browning
C. F. Bruce
A. J. Bruner
Fred L. Buck
J. B. Bullard
H. O. Burghardt
Christopher J. Burkhardt
W. L. Burnett
George W. Burns
W. P. Burroughs
J. C. Burruss
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