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Greene County, Illinois Family Biographies - Five

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Michael Kalaher
John Kaser
H. C. Keeley
Jacob Keeley
Jesse Keeley
Leonard Keller
John D. Kelley
James F. Kemp
Calvin Kennedy
Miles Kennedy
Conrad Kergher
Hiram Kerns
Daniel Kessinger
William Kessinger
M. A. Kincaid
G. M. Kinder
Alexander King
Aquila King
Charles King
D. F. King
Joseph N. King
Lucian King
Nathan A. King
D. Kirkland
F. L. Knight
T. N. Knudsen
Christopher Laas
John Lahr
Alexander Lakin
Leander R. Lakin
W. T. Lakin
William H. Landiss
Wm. O. Langdon
George Lawson
Miles W. Lee
Samuel B. Leonard
Samuel Levy
John Liesenfeldt
Samuel C. Likely Sr.
Jas. M. Linder
Enoch Littlefield
Israel Long
Squire Long
William Lonragan
A. H. Lorton
Robert Lorton
Wm. M. Lorton
William T. Lowby
Thomas Lunneen
William M. Mabearry
William W. and L. C. Maberry
Joseph Madden
John Maloy
Andrew Manger
V. Market
Henry F. Martin
James Martin
Josiah Martin
Newton Martin
Samuel Martin
Abigail Mason
John Mason
James V. Mayberry
Samuel McAdams
Thomas McCann
Robert N. McClure
Edgar McConathy
Perry McConathy
Andrew L. McConnell
W. H. McCracken
T. McEuen
A. C. McFall
James McGill
Matthew McGlashan
James McKabney
Daniel McMahon
J. H. McMichael
Antony McNamara
Amos McPherron
James McPherson
John McQuerrey
Jane Meek
Daniel Meister
Elias Meister
George Meister
Jacob Meister
Adam E. Miller
Anson Miller
James N. Miller
John G. Miller
Marcus W. Million
Joseph Milnes
Edward Miner
W. M. Mitchell
C. Molloy
Andrew Montgomery
J. R. Moore
W. J. Moore
John F. Morfoot
H. J. Morland
James Morris
Lorenzo D. Morris
Maria Morris
Jesse Morrow
Marshall W. Morrow
L. C. Murphy
A. W. Murray
F. M. Mytinger
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