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Wright County, Missouri Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

To view a map of Wright County, Missouri: Wright County, Missouri Map

James B. Adams
John B. Agee
Barney Amick
James Archer
Jehu Barnes
D. L. Benson
George W. Calhoun
James A. Claxton
Henry Coday
Samuel Coday
James H. B. Cope
J. A. Cover
S. H. Cover
Argus Cox
E. H. Davis
G. M. Dennis
W. S. Dennis
George M. Douglas
F. W. Duggan
Thomas Duncan
Paul Ellis
W. C. Ellis
Andrew J. Farmer
James Forrest
F. B. Fuson
Dixon F. Gourley
Samuel F. Grubb
R. H. Hanson
Isaac L. Hart
Rufus L. Henderson
Thomas F. Henslee
M. G. Hensley
J. A. Hight
Anderson Hogue
D. W. Hoover
W. H. Hopper
Benjamin F. Hudson
H. E. Inman
William Johnston
Peter Lair
Thomas Lane, Jr.
J. A. Lee
William H. Lynch
Thomas Jefferson Mansfield
T. H. Marshall
J. M. McKee
James J. McMullin
H. C. Miller
William C. Mings
Thomas J. Montgomerie
William L. Murrell
Lewis E. Musick
Thomas H. Musick
Jeremiah Newton
Mary Newton
Mary J. Nichols
William C. Odell
W. W. Oliver
R. Boone Palmer
T. H. Patterson
John T. Pope
S. E. Pope
Joseph P. Raney
J. W. Rippee
J. H. Robinett
Nancy Robinett
G. J. Roote
Andrew Ross
A. J. Rudd
John A. Russell
Samuel O. Shields
James A. Simpson
Margaret Smith
J. C. Spence
Edward H. Stewart
S. T. Talcott
James A. Tate
John Turner
Marion Ward
W. H. Wells
Moses White
J. W. Williams
I. S. Wilson
P. R. Worsham
Brown Wyatt
Julia Wynne
Pleasant Wynne
A. M. Young
Archabal Young
E. B. Young

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