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Historical State and County Maps

These maps are provided to help locate the numerous small settlements within a county. These maps also show the location of railroad lines and major waterways which were important routes of travel in early days.

Additional historical state and county maps (including multiple additional maps for each county) will be added frequently so check back often. Our free weekly newsletter also announces new map additions to the website. Subscribe to the free newsletter here.

Click on any state name below to view the historical maps available for that state:

Arkansas County Maps

Delaware County Maps

Illinois County Maps

Indiana County Maps

Iowa County Maps

Kansas County Maps

Kentucky County Maps

Maryland County Maps

Massachusetts County Maps

Missouri County Maps

New Jersey County Maps

New York County Maps

Ohio County Maps

Oklahoma County and Indian Territory Maps

Pennsylvania County Maps

Tennessee County Maps

Texas County Maps

Virginia County Maps

West Virginia County Maps

Reprints of rare Historical State and County Maps are available from Hearthstone Legacy: Historical Map Reprints

View state maps showing the location of each county within a state: State County Maps

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