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Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

Additional Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Biographies: A to C
William M. Danehower
Ephraim R. Davidheiser
Franklin B. Davidheiser
Milton R. Davidheiser
Reuben R. Davidheiser
William W. Davidheiser
The Davis Family
George G. Davis
Jesse B. Davis
Jesse M. Davis
John Davis
Mary A. Davis
William DeHaven
Calvin M. De Long
Jacob B. Delp
Hermann A. Denckla
Harry O. Dengler
Roy W. Dentler
Charles De Prefontaine
Walter DePrefontaine
William DePrefontaine
Joseph J. Derham
William G. Detterer
George M. Detwiler
Isaiah H. Detwiler
William Detwiler
J. Eugene Dietterich
Lester I. Dingee
Augustus W. Dotterrer
James E. Dougherty
George M. Downing
John H. Doyle
Samuel Dresher
William Appleton Drown, Jr.
Ralph Mann Duden
John Duddy
Charles Hassell Duffield
Frank Wesley Duffield
Richard Edwin Duffield
John T. Dyer
William H. Earnest
Horace Milton Ebert
Jacob Edwards
Allan Corson Egbert
George Lyndell Egolf
Jacob M. Ehst
David M. Ellis
J. Howard Ellis
William Penn Ely
Noah Engle
Israel M. Erb
Matilda B. Espenship
Benjamin Evans
L. Kryder Evans
Miller D. Evans
Montgomery Evans
Oliver M. Evans
Rowland Evans
William Evans
John B. Fager
Noah Fagley
Benjamin Franklin Famous
Adolph Farenwald
Frank P. Farrall
George W. Farris
James S. Faust
Hiram B. Feather
Calvin Fegely
Franklin G. Fegley
W. O. Fegely
The Fell Family
Jacob F. Fell
L. R. Felty
Abraham D. Fetterolf
Adam H. Fetterolf
Horace G. Fetterolf
Henry B. Fillman
U. S. G. Finkbiner
Adam Fisher
Harvey Sheafe Fisher
Irwin Fisher
John F. Fisher
S. Wilson Fisher
Samuel R. Fisher
Byron Miller Fleck
Joseph Fornance
John W. Forrest
Thomas Foulds
Daniel Foulke
John U. Francis, Jr.
George Freas
Aaron C. Freed
Christian S. Freed
Elias K. Freed
Henry B. Freed
Jacob L. Freed
William G. Freed
Yelles C. Freed
Allen Myers Fretz
Albert Mathias Friend
John S. Fritz
John S. Fritz
Mahlon K. Fritz
Jesse Fronefield
Samuel Fronhiser
Henry Frorer
Josiah Fryer
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