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Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Family Biographies - Seven

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Eugene L. Taft
William Taggart
Louis E. Taubel
Bayard Taylor
Jonathan Taylor, Jr.
Thomas Taylor
Charles Templeton
Benjamin Thomas
David Thomas
Edwin R. Thomas
Isaac Thomas
J. Quincy Thomas
John Gilbert Thompson
James K. Thomson
Thomas Thomson
Jacob R. Titlow
John Todd
Benjamin K. Tomlinson
Edward Towill
Edward Y. Townsend
Henry Troth Townsend
John W. Townsend
Henry B. Trace
Charles O. F. Treichler
Jacob T. Trinley
William S. Triol
John H. Twaddell
Edwin Twining
Benjamin A. Tyler
John H. Tyson
Joseph H. Tyson
Sarah H. Tyson
William Unruh
Francis B. Updegrove
Christopher Van Artsdalen
John Mitchell Vanderslice
James Van Horn
John Blake Vansant
Emily Norris Vaux
J. Frank Voorhees
John T. Wagner
Jonas S. Wagner
Michael W. Wagner
Jacob Wahl
William Caldclough Walker
William Comly Walker
Abram Walt
Andrew Walt
Henry K. Walt
George Walters
Amos Walton
William Eber Walton
George F. P. Wanger
Irving Price Wanger
Ellwood J. Wanner
Franklin Watson
George W. Watt
Charles H. Weak
Henry K. Weand
J. Howard Weber
Uriah Weidner
John Krause Weigner
J. Shelly Weinberger
Mary M. Wells
William J. Wells
Abram Wentz
David H. Wentz
John A. Wentz
James M. Wentzel
Adam Walter Werkiser
William West
Daniel H. White
Silas White
William H. Wiand
Edwin Wickersham
Frank Wickersham
Charles Samuel Wieand
John Wildman
Alfred Wilkinson
William Willauer
Alfred K. Williams
Irvin C. Williams
Parker Shortridge Williams
Philip Williard
Morgan Reese Wills
John Wilmer
Joseph B. Wilson
Reuben Winter, Sr.
Henry Y. Wise
Johanon R. Wise
Christian A. Wismer
M. Augustus Withers
Benjamin D. Wolford
Charles Sturgis Wood
David E. Wood
George B. Wood
Horace Centennial Wood
John Wood
Richard F. Wood
S. B. Woodward
George Worrell
George Yeager
Samuel Schultz Yeager
Sherman E. Yeager
Daniel Yeakel
Samuel Yeakle
William Yeakle
H. H. Yellis
Henry F. Yerger
Samuel M. Yerger
Frank E. Yerkes
Joseph B. Yerkes, Jr.
Lewis P. Yetter
Henry B. Yohn
Jacob R. Yost
Algernon Gordon Yothers
H. Oscar Young
William H. Young
Milton D. Zendt
Elmer B. Ziegler
William D. Zimmerman
The Academy of the New Church
The Historical Society of Montgomery County
Eden Mennonite Church, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
Memorial Church of the Holy Nativity
The Morton Farm
The Orange Home
Zion Mennonite Church

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