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Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Family Biographies - Five

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Charles H. Mann
Charles S. Mann
Robert S. Mann
Abraham H. March
Matthias L. March
Thomas J. March
Oswald Markley
Henry Martin
John Jones Martin
William John Martin
Charles Mather
Isaac Mather
Edgar Mathews
John Matz
The Mauck Family
Charles D. McAvoy
George Washington McCafferty
John McCann
Joseph Warren McCann
John J. McCormick
Mary A. McElroy
The McFarland Family
Joseph J. McGinley
Grant Richard McGlathery
John S. McHarg
William McHarg
James A. McHugh
Hugh McInnes
John McKinlay
The McLean Family
Francis Xavier McMahon
George McMahon
Thomas McMahon
Charles G. McNamara
William Henry Meigs
Amandus C. Mensch
Amon B. Mensch
George K. Meschter
Harry C. Messinger
Silas L. Messinger
Edwin Metcalf
Abraham Keeler Metz
Henry Gotshalk Metz
John K. Metz
Peter A. Metz
William K. Metz
Isaac Michener
William Miles
William G. Miller
Ellis Mills
William M. Mintzer
Herbert U. Moore
M. Anna Moore
George C. Morgan
Effingham B. Morris
Oliver Goldsmith Morris
John Roberts Morris
William Morton
Jacob H. Mowrey
Christian H. Moyer
John M. Moyer
Tobias Ehst Moyer
Israel Mullin
William H. Murphey
Andrew Jackson Murphy
Benjamin Franklin Murphy
George Dean Murphy
Henry W. Nagle
Louis A. Nagle
Daniel Nash
Harry L. Nash
Joseph Y. Nash
Howard Y. Neiman
Milton Newberry
John S. Newbold
Franklin Newlin
David Newport
Eugene Edgar Nice
William Johnson Nice
Garrit S. Nichols
William Daniel Nippes
Samuel Noble
Edwin S. Nyce
Jacob Price Nyce
Morris B. Oberholtzer
Michael Pierce O’Brien
James D. O’Neil
Rowley K. Ortt
Frank Palmer
Samuel Parry
Amos Parsons
Ellwood Paul
Thomas May Peirce
John E. Pennepacker
Samuel Whittaker Pennypacker
Abel Penrose
Benjamin F. Penrose
Thomas M. Pension
Josepine Pfeiffer
Thomas W. Phillips
Thomas S. Phipps
George W. Pifer
J. Elmer Porter
William W. Potts
Frederick C. Prizer
Benjamin Quillman
Philip Quillman
Norman H. Rahn
John Rainey
Charles W. Rambo
Thomas J. Rambo
Charles Ramey
Ellen D. Ramsey
Jacob Rapine
Peter S. Rapp
Owen Raudenbush
Louis W. Read
Willoughby H. Reed
Rebecca C. Rees
Horace F. Reifsnyder
Horace Reigner
Jesse B. Reigner
Isaac Z. Reiner
Jacob Gottliee Rempp
James Kramer Renner
John H. Rex
William E. Rhoads
Anna E. Richards
Arthur E. Richards
Henry A. Richards
Isaac Richards
James B. Richards
William B. Richards
David Dorrington Richardson
Thomas T. Ridington
Charles C. Righter
George W. Righter
Horace B. Righter
Thomas Jefferson Rile
Algernon Brooke Roberts
Charles H. Roberts
Ellwood Roberts
Howard Carter Roberts
Hugh Roberts
Hugh Roberts
John C. Roberts
Samuel Roberts
Samuel Roberts
William Taylor Blake Roberts
Willis Read Roberts
William H. Rodenbaugh
The Rogers Family
George W. Rogers
R. Morgan Root
John D. Royer
William W. Rupert
Henry L. S. Ruth
Jacob Kulp Ruth
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