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Additional Greene County, Ohio Biographies: Adams to Confer
Henry H. Conklin
John H. Cooper
Samuel Cooper
George T. Cost
Abraham Coy
James H. Crawford
Amos W. Creswell
Aaron Crites
Joseph Cromwell
Joseph B. Cummings
Thomas B. Cummings
Henry C. Darst
Rolla Davis
Joseph N. Dean
C. M. Dickey
George Dodds
Frank B. Drees
Tobias Drees
Andrew M. Dunn
John C. Earley
Joseph E. Eavey
Charles F. Edwards
J. Darwin Edwards
John V. B. Edwards
James Elam
George Engel
William H. Estle
Isaac Evans
Samuel D. Fogle
Joseph M. Folck
John Cash Folger
Morgan Fudge
Frank Fulton
Nelson A. Fulton
Albert Garinger
Melville M. Gaunce
Preston Glass
Vincent Glass
William H. Glotfelter
S. E. Greenawalt
John W. Greene
Robert Grieve
Frank Grinnell
Walter Hagar
William Leonard Hagler
Samuel Haines
Henry H. Hale
James R. Hale
John W. Hamilton
John Hanes
Luther Hanes
Jacob H. Harbine

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Additional Greene County, Ohio Biographies: Knowles to Rife
Additional Greene County, Ohio Biographies: Robinson to Zell

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