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Additional Greene County, Ohio Biographies: Conklin to Harbine
James Harbison
Robert B. Harbison
William B. Hardie
Charles Harner
David S. Harner
George W. Harper
William H. Harry
Sylvanus V. Hartsock
Ebenezer Hatch
Churchill M. Haughey
James E. Hawes
Adam Hawker
Jacob Haynes
Joseph W. Hebble
Jacob Hering, Jr.
Christian K. Hershey
John Hivling
Isaac J. Hocter
Joseph P. Hollingsworth
Charles Hook
Henry H. Hopkins
Isaac K. Hostetter
John Hough
Charles Fenton Howard
Roswell Fenton Howard
John Hower
David B. Huston
James Huston
Henry Hypes
William H. Iliff
Andrew Jackson
Charles C. Jackson
Joshua M. Jackson
Ahimaaz Jacobs
John H. Jacoby
John C. James
John Jameson
George W. January
John H. Jobe
Clark T. Johnson
William D. Johnson
Ambrose Jones
Augustus H. Jones
Levi M. Jones
Christian Kauffman
John Kay
R. A. Kelly
John Kendig
Peter Keplinger
Abdael G. Kiler
Jacob C. Kissinger
Jacob Klein
John A. Kneisly

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Additional Greene County, Ohio Biographies: Robinson to Zell

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