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James F. Robinson
Aniel Rodgers
John A. Ross
William R. Ross
Daniel M. St. John
Jeniah F. St. John
Joseph D. St. John
Lorenzo R. St. John
Moses Sanders
Joseph Saville
James D. Schnebly
John W. Shields
Joseph Shigley
David S. Smith
Erwin L. Smith
Isaac H. Smith
Robert T. Snell
J. G. Snider
A. N. Spahr
Camaralza H. Spahr
Albert M. Stark
John D. Steele
James C. Stewart
James F. Stewart
Joseph C. Stewart
Thomas E. Stewart
Thomas W. Stretcher
William G. Sutton
Joel Swigart
Samuel N. Tarbox
Edwin I. Thorn
William Thorn
Milton Todhunter
Nimrod Trollinger
George Truman
Samuel K. Turnbull
David Turner
Calvin Vannimman
Thomas C. Walker
John Wallace
Edward R. Walton
Moses A. Walton
George Watt
James Williams
Andrew Duncan Williamson
James M. Wilson
Solomon Wilson
Alven A. Winans
Simon H. Wolf
Samuel F. Woodward
John G. Zeiner
Jacob Henry Zell

The Field Cordage Company
Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church

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