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Jefferson County, Missouri Family Biographies - Two

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Jefferson County, Missouri here: Jefferson County, Missouri Map

Additional Jefferson County, Missouri Biographies: Ackerson to Fletcher
George R. Foster
John T. Foster
Andrew L. Frech
John Frech
E. F. Frost
George H. Frost
William A. Gamel
J. W. Garrison
David D. Goff
James F. Green
Michael W. Greene
Francis E. Guibor
Peter Gutohrel
T. W. Guy
Hermann Haas
Fred Hacke
Gust Hamel
Gust J. Hamel
Joseph H. Hamill
William Hanvy
Milton C. Harbison
Alonzo T. Harlow
William H. Harris
Josiah R. Harrison
William J. Harrison
William J. Haverstick
Charles Hemme
Joel M. Hensley
Otto Herman
John Hopson
C. Thomas Horine
Stephen Hug
W. W. Hull
William Humes
Henry Hurtgen
John Huskey
T. A. James
Daniel L. Jarvis
Thornton Jarvis
Florian Jenni
William Sumner Jewett
Henry Jobgen
J. F. Joyce
Charles Karte
Lewis Kelly
C. M. Kerckhoff
William J. Kirk
Charles H. Kleinschmidt
Louis Kleinschmidt
William Kleinschmidt
Frank J. Knapp
Leo Kohler
Xavier Kohler
William Kramer
Thomas J. Lee
Marion M. Lewis
William Riley Maness
Louis Matheau
Edward B. Maupin
William J. Mauthe
H. E. McClanahan
Rachel A. McClure
Daniel J. McDermott
George W. McFry
F. McKee
William J. McMahon
Eli J. McMullin
R. W. McMullin
John McNulty
Edwin Mercer
Hermann Meyer
John Miller
George M. Mockbee
Henry Moehlmann
Robert C. Moore
Additional Jefferson County, Missouri Biographies: Morgan to Zimpfer

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