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Jefferson County, Missouri Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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John O. Ackerson
William J. Adams
John A. Alderson
George Arnold
Lucius D. Ashcraft
Joseph M. Aubuchon
William E. Bage
Henry Bailey
John Martin Bailey
John J. Ball
Hubert Becker
John W. Bement
Engelbert Bergmeyer, Jr.
N. H. Bissell
Aquilla Blackwell
William Blank
Henry Boemler
Michael Boemler
Danie Bonacker
Sherman W. Bowen
Gabriel Boyce
Edwin Boyne
William Brackmann
Joseph Bradford
Henry Brady
Thomas G. Brent
John C. Bridell
James Brierton
Joseph Brooker
Thomas Burgess
Thomas L. Burgess
Isidor Bush
Raphael Bush
David Butler
John Buxton
William J. Buxton
John T. Byrd
M. F. Byrne
Patrick Byrne
Christopher Campbell
James P. Cape
John C. Cape
Thomas A. Charles
James W. Clarke
John C. Cole
Joshua Cole
Lewis Cole
Amos L. Colman
J. A. Connolly
Lewis T. Cosby
Robert Coxwell
Christopher J. Crahan
S. W. Crawford
Amandus Crull
Ward Cunningham
Eli F. Donnell
James P. Dougherty
J. N. Douglas
H. W. Douglass
Bonaparte Dover
John Duffy
Joseph C. Eisenhauer
G. W. N. Elders
Richard A. Elkins
Matthew P. Elliott
Benjamin F. England
Arthur L. Eshbaugh
Henry Euler
Vincent Faina
William H. Farrar
Eugene Feste
Christ. Fink
J. W. Fletcher
Smith B. Fletcher
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