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Nevada County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

Thomas Alsobrook
John A. Ansley
W. E. Arnold
Samuel A. Arlington
Harvey C. Barham
Hezekiah T. Barksdale
Green R. Blake
T. H. Boswell
James C. Brown
John H. Bryson
William B. Calhoun
Samuel Cantly
Lewis M. Carlton
Thomas J. Caulder
George Christopher
Reuben P. M. Compton
Thomas P. Curtis
J. W. Daly
John D. Davis
Elijah De Laughter
Philip G. Dewoody
Eli H. Frisby
John W. Gardner

R. R. Garland
Rufus K. Garland
John T. W. Gill
Oscar B. Gordon
Z. T. Grayson
Christopher C. Hamby
Eugene Hatley
Thomas I. Hawkins
James P. Hendrix
Lee R. Hendrix
Willis G. Herring
Jefferson Monroe Hodge
Ed Hood
John W. Hudson

Andrew J. Jones
John Jones
Oliver S. Jones
B. F. Lane
J. W. Lightsey
B. H. Logan

James S. Marlar
George O. Marsh
John R. Marsh
William E. Marsh
Elmore May
James J. Mayes
Lindsey L. McCraw
O. R. McDaniel
William S. McDaniel
Colen L. McKinzie
William McLelland
Robert N. McNeely
Warren R. Miller
J. A. Milwell
William E. Moore
W. R. Munn
William Malcom Munn
William B. Nance
Guy Nelson
J. A. Nelson
Charles M. Norwood
Martin M. Ollson
John Parker
John Jefferson Pelt
Jeremiah Pittman
John E. Portis
Thomas A. Potter
Newton J. Price
John G. Purifoy
L. C. Purtle
James D. Reason
James W. Sanders
John Shrieves
George P. Smoote
W. A. Snell
H. Stainton

Benjamin F. Steele
William T. Steele
G. W. Terry
W. H. Terry
Jason Tyson
George W. Vaught
James H. Walker
Joseph C. Walthall
Thomas J. Watts
James W. Weaver
John S. Weaver
Joshua W. Weaver
John W. Wilson
William C. Wingfield
A. D. Wren

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