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Benton County, Missouri Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Benton County, Missouri here: Benton County, Missouri Map

T. P. Baldwin
A. Berens
Peter Bockelman
Herman Boeschen
John Bohling
Frederich Borchers
Robert Bradley
Frederick Brauer
Fred Brill
William M. Burnsides
James R. Caldwell
James P. Carlin
W. W. Chastain
Whitefield Cherrington
John B. Clark
B. Cordes
William H. Cunningham
C. W. Davis
Joseph Eastmann
Claus Eckhoff
Henry Eickhoff
John T. Eoff
John W. Fowler
James N. Freund
Benjamin Frisch
H. G. Fristoe
H. W. Fristoe
W. J. Fristoe
Benjamin Fryback
George Gallaher
Aaron H. Gist
Frederick Goetze
Louis Grother
William H. Gunn
John R. Hackler
George A. Hart
Charles Harvey
H. D. Heimsoth
William Heyne
W. W. Hockman
Peter Holsten
Henry H. Holtzen
George W. Howery
John Jagels
Claus Junge
Peter Kahl
Garrett Kieffer
George Kieffer
John Koenke
Augustus Kreisel
Fred A. Kullmann
James H. Lay
William R. D. Mabry
Henry Mahnken
F. E. McLane
D. I. McMillian
C. P. Michaelis
Henry Monsees
Matthew D. Moore, Sr.
Gerd Muller
Henry Muller
Andrew G. Nixon
Samuel Orr
Henry T. Patten
John W. Payton
S. P. Priestley
John Ranken
Robert Reed
D. B. Rolstin
J. W. Rolstin
Alonzo Rouse
Louis Schroeder
Frederick Schwettmann
B. F. Shaver
Jordan L. Shaver
Sewall W. Smith
Lewis B. Thomas
William M. Thompson
William S. Thurston
Henry Tiemeier
Henry C. Tonjer
G. W. Weaver
Samuel M. Wenger
T. B. White
Peter Wienberg
William M. Wright

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