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Washington County, Arkansas Family Biographies - Three

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

Additional Washington County Arkansas Biographies: A to F
Additional Washington County Arkansas Biographies: G to L
Hosea M. Maguire
A. C. Males
Francis J. Males
Peter Mankins
Walter Mankins
William H. F. Marion
B. Marrs
Charles G. Marrs
Samuel Ervin Marrs
Daniel B. Mason
Zacharias C. Mason

David J. Masters
John Masters
John Mayes
Robert J. Mayes
William Mayes
William Mayes
James S. McClatchy
George W. McClure
William Allen McCord
William T. and E. G. McCormick
Hugh F., J. S. and J. O. McDanield

W. R. McIlroy
William McIlroy
William A. McKinzie
Thomas McKnight
Wiley Paul McNair
William Green Mhoon
D. S. Miller
George D. Miller
William Mitchell
James E. Mock
John Mock
Moses Mock
Albert A. Moore
George P. Moore
Wilburn Denton Moore
John B. Morris
George Wilson Morrow
William H. Morton
Edward Hunter Murfee
James P. Neal
John A. Neill
Julian Bailey Nix
R. J. Norman
James Oates
Anderson Ott
John W. Oxford
Alexander Parker
Isaac Mitchell Patridge
William Jesse Patton
L. D. and L. S. Petross
James H. Phillips
William M. Phillips
James Middleton Pittman
Samuel Pinckney Pittman
Thomas J. Pollard
George W. Pool
John K. Pool
Augustin Clayton Poole
David C. Price
J. R. Pyeatt
Benjamin F. Ramey
Alexander W. Reed
Andrew B. Reed
George W. M. Reed
William D. Reed
John Reese
Pleasant V. Rhea
Oren M. Rieff
R. L. Ritter
Thomas Roberts
J. C. Robertson
David E. Robinson
John M. Robinson
Samuel E. Rogers
James M. Russell
Robert A. Rutherford

Additional Washington County Arkansas Biographies: S to Y

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