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Hempstead County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Hempstead County, Arkansas here: Hempstead County, Arkansas Map
William Adams
William Thomas Anderson
Henry G. Austin
William H. Baird
Albert C. Baird
M. M. Baxter
William J. Beaty
William O. Beene
Stephen E. Benson
R. H. Betts
William W. Black
Thomas J. Booker
Frank P. Bostick
E. C. Bowden
Thomas Boyett
Joseph W. Breed
Larkin Breed
W. A. Briant
C. A. Bridewell
John A. Brown
S. W. Brundridge
George Emmet Bryant
Henry L. B'Shers
James M. Butler
Alfred H. Carrigan
Gray Carrigan
Samuel M. Carrigan
W. H. Carruth
James E. Chambless
William J. Clark
Edward Clingan
Robert J. Compton
Joel D. Conway
Maro S. Cooley
W. R. Crossett
J. R. H. Cummings
Henry C. Daniel
A. P. Dyke
Will S. Eakin
John A. Eley
James W. Ellis
B. F. Forney
W. Y. Foster
P. C. Frederick
F. B. Garner
J. M. Garner
Samuel Gibson
John F. Gilbert
David M. Goodlett
B. F. Hancock
F. B. Hannah
A. J. Hawthorn
James M. Hendrix
Henry B. Holman
David W. Holt
J. T. Holt
James H. Holt
Albert Honeycutt
James M. Hubbard
W. A. Jett
A. L. Johnson
William N. Johnson
Robert W. Jones
W. H. Jones
Rufus K. Justus
S. King
J. M. Kinser
Green B. Kitchens
G. Knobel
C. G. Laseter
Rufus A. Leslie
William C. Leslie
Calvin L. Lewis
J. T. Lewis
James H. McCollum
Thomas A. McLarty
Valentine O. McMonigle
Daniel H. Martin
Z. T. Mayton
Albert Mendenhall
W. J. Miles
David J. Montgomery
H. W. Moses
A. J. Nichols
John M. Parker
Clarindear Peyton
G. R. Phillips
Hillery R. Powell
W. A. Prather
A. L. Purdom
James D. Purtte
John J. Reed
W. A. Rhodes
W. P. Richardson
Robert F. Roberson
A. J. Robins
Charles E. Royston
Benjamin P. Sandefur
J. B. Sandefur
William G. Scoggin
J. B. Searcy
Thomas H. Simms
George J. Smith
Thomas C. Smith Jr.
John H. Stephens
Robert C. Stuart
William Stuckey
G. W. Taylor
William M. Thompson
John A. Todd
John W. Tribble
J. L. Tullis
John W. Vickers
Levi Volentine
William J. Wallace
J. F. Ward
John C. Ware
S. R. Watson
Christopher Columbus Webb
J. T. West
John Westmoreland
Peyton G. Whaley
James L. White
Robert Brady Williams
Silas M. Williams
James A. Williamson
J. B. Willson
J. B. Wimberley
J. R. Wolff
Virgil A. Wood
Joseph E. Wootton

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