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Jefferson County, Tennessee Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Jefferson County, Tennessee here: Jefferson County, Tennessee Map

J. M. Ashmore
Joseph C. Beeler
J. O. Bettis
James H. Biddle
John Fain Brazelton
W. S. Bryan
Elijah Bull
John Burchfill
A. A. Caldwell
J. W. Carmichael
J. R. N. Carson
I. M. Cate
J. C. Cawood
John L. Chilton
H. P. Coile
John J. Coile
A. L. Courtney
F. B. Cowan
I. M. Cox
A. P. Dukes
James Duncan
C. E. Dunn
G. W. Fagala
George A. Fain
Samuel N. Fain
Andrew M. Felkner
William C. Fox
George Franklin
J. B. Franklin
T. W. Gallion
J. W. Godwin
James A. Harris
David Haworth
Mahlon Haworth
I. F. Hayworth
Philip Hawkins
William Haynes
James C. Henderson
George W. Hill
James P. Hill
Henry Hinkle
Henry H. Hubbard
J. D. Hull
D. P. Hume
Edgar W. Hungate
Milton P. Jarnagin
N. C. Langford
George W. Long
John W. Loy
John L. McBee
George H. McGuire
Alexander R. Meek
D. H. Meek
John M. Meek
William A. Moore
Alexander Morgan
William A. Moser
J. F. Newman
J. N. Newman
Samuel I. Newman
W. F. Nichols
W. F. Park
C. C. Parker
M. H. Peck
H. S. Pless
C. H. Rankin
George T. Rankin
Robert A. Rankin
Samuel E. Rankin
M. A. Roberts
Jesse L. Rogers
W. T. Russell
S. G. Sanders
W. H. Smith
A. R. Swann
Albert G. Taylor
H. L. W. Taylor
W. H. Taylor
J. W. Thornburgh
R. Thornburgh
Samuel Watson Tindell
John Vance
John E. Walker
James T. Watkins
Wirt C. Watkins
Henry C. Whitaker
S. D. Williams
Thomas N. Williams

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