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Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Family Biographies - page three

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a historic 1911 map of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

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Abram A. Bowman
D. G. Bowman
Henry N. Bowman
John W. Bowman
S. G. Bowman
Henry Moser Boyer
A. E. Bradley
George B. Brandon
Clarence K. Brandt
J. S. Brandt
H. N. Bream
Philip Brechbill
Lemuel Brenneman
Samuel E. Brenneman
John T. Bressler
Harry M. Bretz
William H. Bretz
Joseph Bricker
Lewis M. Bricker
C. Egbert Brindel
David Park Brindle
Caleb S. Brinton
Harry G. Brown
Oliver J. F. Brownawell
George Brubacher
Jacob N. Brubaker
Reuben Brubaker
Jarred C. Bucher
E. P. Burgett
Thomas Raub Burgner
Edmond Ernest Campbell
William H. Carbaugh
Charles Railing Chamberlin
Jesse Chamberlin
The Clendenin Family
Calvin Clendenin
William Clendenin
James O. Clepper
George Clever
Charles A. Clippinger
John Clippinger
James Potter Coborn
John Coffey
George B. Cole
Alfred B. Commings
James S. Cooper
Alexander Stuart Coover
George Coover
John A. Coover
John H. Coover
Martin Coover
Samuel R. Coover
Index to additional Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Biographies

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