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Jefferson County, Kentucky Family Biographies - Three

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Additional Jefferson County, Kentucky Biographies: E to K
George Lang
John Albert Larrabee
William Thomas Leachman
W. B. Leatherman
K. Leggett
James S. Lithgow
John T. MaCauley
John MacLeod
Humphrey Marshall
David Martin
Mason Maury
Clinton McClarty
Hugh M. McCullough
William Preston McDowell
Enoch E. McKay
William H. Meffert
Charles E. Meriwether
William A. Meriwether
Henry C. Miller
J. Sel. Miller
Joseph A. Miller
Shackelford Miller
John Mitchell
William Mix
William E. Montz
John T. Moore
John S. Morgan
George W. Morris
George C. Norton
Charles Booth Parsons
Frank Parsons
Lawrence S. Parsons
Charles Pfeiffer
Robert N. Pfeiffer
James Shipp Phelps
Henry Pirtle
John B. Pirtle
John R. Pirtle
Alfred Thruston Pope
Curran Pope
Edmund Pendleton Pope
Patrick Pope
Worden Pope
Vernon D. Price
Henry K. Pusey
W. T. Pyne
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