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Lee County, Iowa Family Biographies - Seven

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Index to Lee County, Iowa Biographies
John Karle
Wm. E. Kellogg
H. Kemper
Garret H. Kempker
John Kennedy
John G. Kennedy
Josiah Kennedy
Josiah Kent
Wm. G. Kent
J. P. Keran
Emanuel A. Kern
Robert Kerr
Ferd. Kiel
George W. Kiel
John B. Kiel
Marvin R. King
Philipp Kirchner
J. B. Kissick
Ludwig Kliebenstein
Louis H. Klunder
Jonas S. Knapp
Frank Koehler
Peter Krebill
F. B. Krehbiel
John C. Krehbiel
John J. Krehbiel
William H. Kretsinger
J. S. Lakin
Smith Lamb
Ann E. Lambert
Cyrus D. Lambert
H. C. Lander
Christian Larson
John Larson
Gerhart S. Laumann
Alexander Lauther
Elizabeth J. Lauther
S. M. Lauther
George F. Lederer
G. W. Lee
E. J. Leech
A. I. LeFevre
Z. Lentz
Jacob H. Lessenger
John Light
Conrad Limberg
Henry W. Linebaugh
I. C. Little
Alexander Lochhead
R. Loftus
Henry Lohmar
Sarah Loomis
Aaron Loveless
D. Lowery
W. K. Lucas
James Lynch
Eliza E. S. Malcolm
J. G. Mallett
J. F. Marr

Index to Lee County, Iowa Biographies

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