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Ouachita County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

George M. Adamson
J. M. Agee
Philip Agee
William Franklin Avera
Asa W. Bacchus
C. R. Barham
C. S. Black
E. H. Blake
James Benjamin Bradshaw

A. V. Bragg
J. N. Bragg
John M. Branton
J. M. Brooks
J. W. Brown
Henry Gaston Bunn
Jacob W. Burton
John A. Burton
James Richardson Campbell
Thomas H. Carter
James H. Coleman
William Cox
Joseph W. Criner
Thomas D. Criner
Francis M. Cross
James C. Culp, Sr.
Eli Lide Dawson
J. B. Freidheim
Robert P. Frix
W. A. Garner
William M. Gatling
Henry C. Good
Henry L. Grayson
Thomas B. Green
William F. Green
Julius O. Greening
Sherod E. Hale
William P. Hale
Tom Hardison
J. T. Henry
Alfred C. Jackson
William R. Johnson
Henry T. Jones
James W. Juniel
C. S. Keith
Robert Lester
S. B. Lide
John M. Mahan
William T. Martin
Jesse T. McMahan
John W. Moon
Henry P. Morgan
Sharon R. Myatt
D. Newton
Porter Oglesby
William Pace
John N. Parker
John Parr

Mary M. Patton
Thomas I. Patton
John B. Pearce

J. W. Perdue
Eli W. Pharr
John W. Pharr
James H. Pickett
Ephraim B. Pierce
J. A. Proctor
John L. Proffitt
Millard H. Purifoy
W. K. Ramsey
J. A. Reeves
Abner S. Riddick
George L. Ritchie
Ephriam D. Rogers
Jonathan R. Rogers, Jr.
Thomas J. Rowe
S. Q. Sevier
Miles L. Sifford
Charles K. Sithen
J. M. Smith
N. H. Stark
James M. Stinnett
George H. Stinson
Tom D. Thomson
John R. Thornton
James R. Toney
John A. Toney
Newton R. Tribble
Alfred A. Tufts
F. M. Wadley
Joseph G. Wilson
Elbert S. Yarbrough

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