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Cleveland County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

William L. Ashcraft
James H. Atkins
Curtis B. Attwood
Joel L. Baggett
Sidney O. Barnett
William H. Barnett
John H. Breathwait
Ben T. Brewer
James H. Bridges
William W. Carmical
Robert H. Carpenter
Thomas W. Chowning
Thomas J. Clements
James Crook
Jonathan C. Davis
H. C. Draughon
Silas Sanders Dykes
George W. England
Levi J. V. Fritts
Calvin C. Graves
William D. Hagins
John H. Hall
Milton Hargus
William T. Hollis
N. D. Holmes
James Edward Hopson
William M. Hopson
Jesse F. Johnson
Edmund Kendall
Joseph J. T. Kendrick
Louis Leali
George L. Lochridge
G. G. Mallett
Evan P. Marks
George Meriwether Marks
James N. Marks
James Edgar Martin
William F. Matlock, Sr.
G. A. J. May
James McCaskill
Thomas Jackson McElheny
Elisha L. McMurtrey
Benjamin N. Moseley
Jabus J. Mosley
Woodson Mosley
D. R. Mullis
C. D. Niven
J. J. Norton
John H. W. Overton
L. Norman Pinckard
Charles S. Reap
John R. Reed
John William Reed
J. T. Renfrow
Joseph A. Robertson
Willis C. Roebuck
H. W. Rogers
Alex L. Ross
James T. Rucks
William B. Sadler
James Smith
John C. Sparks
John R. Stewart
John R. Swift
James S. Thomas
David H. Thomasson
Talbot Bulge Tims
George L. Tolson
William Trucks
William K. Varnell
Leonard A. Waldrop
William H. Watts
Isaac B. Williams
John Adams Wilson
John A. Wynn

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