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Belton, Missouri, Tombstone and Grave of Carrie (Carry) A. Nation, photos

Belton, Missouri, Tombstone of Carrie (Carry) A. Nation, tombstone and grave, photo

The tombstone and grave of Carrie Nation, also known as Carry A. Nation, a well known hatchet wielding prohibitionist of the 1890's to early 1900's. Nation was born on November 25, 1846 in Garrard County, Kentucky. After a short marriage to an alcoholic husband, Nation developed an intense hatred of all establishments who served alcoholic beverages. Nation's earliest efforts in the 1890's were protests held outside of saloons but soon developed into entering the saloons to throw rocks she called "smashers" at all things breakable including liquor bottles, bar windows and mirrors. Later Nation added attacking the bar with a hatchet which became a symbol of her anti-saloon crusade. Her attacks on saloons resulted her being arrested and jailed on numerous occasions. Each time Nation was released, she resumed her attacks on the liquor trade, primarily in the states of Kansas and Missouri. To finance her activities and to pay her numerous fines, Nation sold photos of herself and miniature souvenir hatchets. Carry Nation died on June 9th, 1911 in Leavenworth, Kansas. She was 64 years old. Her body was buried in the Belton Cemetery at Belton, Missouri. The inscription at the bottom of her tombstone reads: Faithful to the cause of prohibition "She hath done what she could." See the additional photos below.

Carrie Nation (Carry A. Nation) prohibitionist, historic photo

Carry Nation and an unidentified man on board a ship, probably during a lecture trip to Great Britain. This photo is from a 1904 stereograph by Underwood and Underwood. See the additional photo below.

Carrie Nation (Carry A. Nation) holding bible, 1911, historic photo

A photo of Carrie Nation, probably taken not long before her death in 1911. Most photos show Nation with a rather grim and serious appearance, this photo shows Nation with a hint of a smile. This photo is by Bain News Service.

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