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Eureka, California, Carson Mansion, 1902, historic photo

Eureka, California, Carson Mansion or Carson House, 1902, historic photo

A historic photo view of the Carson Mansion or Carson House, Eureka, California as it appeared in 1902. The house was built by William Carson between 1884-1886 at a cost of $80,000. Carson was a lumber baron who had made a fortune in the lumber milling business and was the first to mill redwood lumber. When preparing to build the house, Carson is quoted as saying "If I build it poorly, they would say that I am a damned miser; if I build it expensively, they will say I'm a show off; guess I'll just build it to suit myself."

The house is considered by some to be the finest example of a Victorian house in all of America. The house includes a variety of Victorian styles but is predominantly of the Queen Anne architectural style. The house has remained in excellent condition since the time of its construction more than 130 years ago.

William Carson, born July 18, 1825; died February 20, 1912.

The Carson Mansion is located at 143 M Street, Eureka, California in Humboldt County. The Carson family owned the house until 1950 when it was sold to the Ingomar Club, a private club. The house is not open to the public.

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