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Pettis County, Missouri Family Biographies - page one

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name in the list below to view the biography:

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Michael R. Anderson
W. J. Atkinson
Moses H. Avery
Emery C. Bailey
William Baker
E. R. Ballard
Lafayette M. Barnard
Thomas W. Bast
Henry K. Bente
Theophilas P. Berry
John H. Bothwell
Edward Clark Bouldin
Samuel G. Brainerd
Ira T. Bronson
Charles D. Brown
David F. Brown
James Leander Brown
Edmund A. Browne
George Victor Buchanan
George W. Burr
James M. Byler
John Weeks Canaday
James Albert Capen
Monterville Carnes
R. Wilson Carr
Charles Carroll
John Cashman
Henry Chapel
John T. Colaflower
John A. Collins
William Grant Cowan
James H. Crawford
John D. Crawford
S. G. Crawford
S. K. Crawford
Joseph C. Culp
George C. Deckmann
Marshall L. DeHaven
William T. and Andrew G. Deweese
Andy Dexhimer
Achille D. Dhalluin
Bernard Dickman
J. D. Donnohue
Albert F. Dresel
George E. Dugan
Everett E. Durand
Daniel R. Elliott
Isaac Elliott
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