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Dallas County, Missouri Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Dallas County, Missouri here: Dallas County, Missouri Map

Francis M. Adams
John M. Alford
John P. Andrews
Morgan L. Atchly
J. A. J. Baker
John T. Bass
John M. Beck
H. Behrens
John O. Bennett
Marion Francis Bennett
Nathaniel L. Bennett
Emanuel Bower

Noah Bray
Thomas M. Brown
J. P. Brownlow
Cornelius Brundridge
Levi Brunner
William H. Buckner
Andrew Johnson Butts
Charles L. Curtice
William H. Darby
Joseph Davis
George Delaplain
Silas Dillion
Jacob Drake
Curtis C. Edmisson
George T. Edmisson
John S. Edmisson
Benjamin S. Fraker
John Franklin
D. M. Gammon
Francis M. Gann
Joseph S. Goheen
B. W. A. Henson
George W. Herd
Warrenton Hunt
C. F. Johnson
John Washington Jones
Samuel J. Latimer
C. C. Lightner
Ezekiel Lindsey
S. W. Lindsey
M. G. Lovan
T. C. Lovell
J. K. P. Maddux
Daniel W. McCoy
Solomon M. McGee
John J. Montgomery
T. J. B. Montgomery
T. B. Morrow
W. L. Morrow
George W. O’Bannon
J. P. O’Bannon
John O’Bannon
A. J. Patterson
J. T. Pendleton
William P. Porter
M. L. Reynolds
Wesley S. Rice
W. G. Robertson
David M. Rush
E. L. Schofield
William J. Self
L. J. Slavens
Z. L. Slavens
W. Smithpeter
James M. Stafford
J. S. Thurston
Thaddeus S. Tinsley, Sr.
A. R. Vanderford
Z. L. West
Frank C. Wilson
Nathaniel J. Wollard

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