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Trigg County, Kentucky Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Joseph Ahart
E. I. Anderson
Walter C. Anderson
Francis M. Atwood
Charles A. Bacon
Edmund Bacon
Thomas L. Bacon
William J. Bacon
Blake Baker Jr.
Samuel F. Baker
M. E. Barefield
James Battoe

William G. Blain
John J. Blakeley
Henry Blane
Richard Blanks
Charles C. Bogard
George W. Boyd
John M. Boyd
Joseph Boyd Sr.
Thomas Boyd

Ed. Brandon
J. R. Burnam
John H. Caldwell

John F. Campbell
William M. Campbell
John J. Chappell
John W. Chappell

Charles R. Clark
Elbridge A. Coleman
C. M. Cox
J. M. Crass
Albert Crenshaw
Robert Crenshaw

Thomas Crenshaw
A. B. Cullom
E. A. Cunningham
W. T. Cunningham
John C. Dabney
Thomas C. Dabney

Samuel J. Dawson
Wickliffe Dawson
William L. Dunn

L. S. Dunning
J. E. Edwards
Richard T. Ellis

B. F. Felix
Thomas W. Finley
C. C. Flora
J. A. Foutch
Caswell Futrell
Perry Futrell
Solomon D. Futrell
James B. Garnett

Mosco Garnett
H. M. Garton
John J. Garton

William M. Gillahan
James H. Glover
B. F. Goodwin
W. S. Goodwin
William G. Gordon
John R. Grace
W. D. Grace

W. J. Gray
William W. Gray
R. J. Grigsby
Thomas H. Grinter
Wesley Gunn
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