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Yell County, Arkansas Family Biographies Two

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Yell County, Arkansas here: Yell County, Arkansas Map

Additional Yell County Biographies: A to H
William D. Jacoway
William D. Jennings
James Y. Jones
W. B. Lemoyne
Joseph S. Lofland
W. S. Lofland
Thomas W. Lucas
James P. Lyingo
T. C. Lynch
Mitchell Malone
Will A. F. May
William N. May
J. E. McCall
William H. McCall
J. H. McCargo
Hugh B. McCarrell
M. W. McClure
A. H. McKenzie
James M. McKenzie
David S. McNeely
Napoleon B. Mills
John E. Mitchell
Joseph Mitchell
H. L. Montgomery
John M. Montgomery, Sr.
William E. Murdock
John R. Neelly
William T. Nolan
Henry J. Page
George C. Parker
John Murfree Parker
Henry M. Pugh
Jonathan C. Ragon
James P. Ramer
James G. Ray
L. B. Reynolds
Americus Vespucius Rieff
David E. Roberts
John J. Robertson
Joseph J. Rogers
Walter W. Scott
G. M. Shepherd
J. C. Shipp
William Sills
John N. Smith
James G. Smyth
Benjamin F. Start
E. D. M. Stevenson
P. N. Strait
James A. Taylor
Columbus Thomas
William H. Vandiver
John C. Vinsett
James H. Walkup
Paschal P. West
Francis M. White
Isaac S. Whitford
Frank V. Whittlesey
Lucas Wieser
J. L. Williams
R. R. Williams
George L. Wirt
Commodore Perry Woodard
Ripley E. Woodard

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