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Neosho, Missouri Vintage Postcards, Historic Photos and Images

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Newton County Court House, Neosho, Missouri (photo, 1908)

Newton County Court House, Neosho, Missouri (vintage postcard, 1910)

Aerial View of the Newton County Court House Square, Neosho, Missouri

The Big Spring, Neosho, Missouri

Big Spring Inn, Neosho, Missouri

Brick Haven Courts and Vic's Drive Inn, Neosho, Missouri

Cave Spring, Big Spring Park, Neosho, Missouri

Central High School, Neosho, Missouri

Christian Church, Neosho, Missouri

City Park, Neosho, Missouri

Congregational Church, Neosho, Missouri

East Side of the Courthouse Square, Neosho, Missouri

Egan's Cabins, Neosho, Missouri

Elwood Motel, Neosho, Missouri

Haas Building on Spring Street, Neosho, Missouri

Ed. Haas Wholesale Grocer building, Neosho, Missouri

Eugene Field Public School, Neosho, Missouri

High School, Neosho, Missouri

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