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Bridgeport, Connecticut, Fanny Crosby, Tombstone and Grave, photos

A photo of the original tombstone at the grave of Fanny J. Crosby, Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Born as Frances Jane Crosby on March 24, 1820 at Brewster, New York. Fanny Crosby, despite being blind from an eye infection at the age of six weeks, is famed for the large number of gospel hymns that she wrote. Some accounts state that she wrote over 8,000 hymns in her lifetime under her own and under as many as two hundred other pen names. Some of her most well known hymns include: Blessed Assurance; Jesus is Tenderly Calling You Home; Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour; Praise Him, Praise Him; Rescue The Perishing; Safe In The Arms of Jesus; and To God Be The Glory. One hundred years after her death, most modern hymnals still include hymns that were written by Fanny Crosby.

On March 5, 1858, Fanny married Alexander van Alstyne, Jr. In 1859, a daughter named Frances was born but died in her sleep soon after her birth. This was to be their only child. Despite a professed love for each other, Fanny and her husband often spent much time apart and often lived separately. On July 18, 1902, her husband, often referred to as "Van", died and was buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Queens, New York.

Fanny Crosby died on February 12, 1915 at Bridgeport, Connectiticut and was buried in Mountain Grove Cemetery. She was 94 years old. Her grave was marked with the small, simple tombstone pictured here with the words: "Aunt Fanny, She Hath Done What She Could, Fanny J. Crosby." In 1955, a larger, more elaborate tombstone was erected at her grave as seen in the photo below.

The tombstone erected at the grave of Fanny Crosby in 1955. Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport, Connecticut. photo

The tombstone erected in 1955 at the grave of Fanny Crosby, Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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