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Lincoln County, Tennessee Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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J. S. Alexander
Anderson Alsup
Travis D. Ashby
William H. Ashby
J. W. Barnett
A. F. Bass
N. E. Benson
William Bonner
W. C. Bright
Andrew J. Carloss
Jo. G. Carrigan
James H. Cary
M. H. Caughran
H. T. Childs
R. E. & W. W. Christian
Harriet Clark
John Clark
W. B. Clark
Lewis & J. C. Coats
A. B. Coleman
William Copeland
H. C. Cowan
W. S. Curtis
John M. Dickey
Isham P. Dismukes
Robert S. & David G. Douthat
William B. Douthat
J. H. C. Duff
R. M. Dunlap
James M. Dyer
J. S. Edmiston
James P. Edwards
W. W. Erwin
Joseph Farrar
P. E. Farrar
William B. Faulkner
Joseph M. Greer
Pleasant Halbert
John Hamilton
William Hamilton
Thomas Hampton
David L. Harris
O. R. Hatcher
Samuel Haynie
Henry Henderson
Austin Hewitt
H. C. Higgins
J. B. Hill
David F. Hobbs
J. H. Holman
Thomas P. Holman
B. F. Houston
William W. James
George A. Jarvis
T. A. Jean
George W. Jones
W. L. Kilpatric
William J. Landess
J. W. Lloyd
R. W. Long
J. J. Maddox
W. L. McCann
C. A. McDaniel
M. L. McDowell
C. C. McKinney
R. D. McMillen
Charlotte Merrell
J. S. Merrell
James A. D. Middleton
Additional Lincoln County, Tennessee Biographies

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