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Franklin County, Tennessee Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Franklin County, Tennessee here: Franklin County, Tennessee Map

Oliver N. Alden
John F. Anderson
Clem. Arledge
George E. Banks
James P. Barton
Ezekiel M. Bean
John K. Bennett
Henson G. Blanton
William M. Boucher
Peter C. Breeden
W. W. Brittain
Stephen W. Brown
David L. Buckner
John M. Donaldson
William Porcher Du Bose
Thomas A. Embrey
Floyd Estill
Nathan Francis
Thomas Frank Gailor
J. A. Gaines
Irvin C. Garner
John H. Gillespie
Zuinglius C. Graves
Isaac Gray
Thomas D. Gregory
George O. Hannum
James L. Hatchett

Isebrand H. Heikens
John Hessler
Telfair Hodgson
Samuel C. Hoge
William B. Holt
Henry S. Hudgins
Charles L. Jones
William M. Keith
John M. Kelly
Henry M. Laird
William T. League
Dan Lenehan
John Lipscomb
John T. Lipscomb
Hugh N. Lucas
John D. Lynch
David Lyons
A. S. Marks
Isaac N. Martin
John H. Martin
William W. Martin
John W. Mason
Stephen D. Mather
Lewis Metcalfe
Jacob Miescher
Jefferson D. Miller
Samuel M. Miller
Jno. C. Montgomery
Horatio R. Moore
T. F. Moseley
John R. Oliver
R. C. Patrick
John A. Ruch
Wm. M. Rutledge
Larkin R. Sartain
J. C. Shapard
E. E. Sherwood
Joseph A. Short
Francis A. Shoup
John Simmons
A. J. Skidmore
Flavel B. Sloan
E. Kirby Smith
John M. Stewart
John W. Syler
William E. Taylor
Charles H. Wadhams
John W. Weber
M. N. Whitaker
Greenough White
Walter Whittemore
B. Lawton Wiggins
Claiborne N. Williams
Harvey P. Williams
George Thornton Wilmer
Joseph D. Wilson
Samuel M. Woodward

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