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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Family Biographies - Twenty three

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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D. T. McIntosh
Finley McIntosh
John McIntosh
L. McIntosh
John W. McIntire
Hercules McIntyre
James McIntyre
J. M. McJunkin
Charles I. McKee
D. R. McKee
George McKee
George Y. McKee
James McKee
John R. McKee
Joseph O. McKee
Robert C. McKee
Thomas McKee
William Dewart McKelvey
J. S. McKelvy
Samuel McKelvy
Charles F. McKenna
Alexander McKim
Andrew McKinley
John McKinney
Robert McKinney
William McKinney
William McKinney, Jr.
John McKnight
John McKown
Joseph McKown
Samuel McKown
W. J. E. McLain
W. D. McLarn
William McLarn
Jeremiah Wade McLaughlin

William J. McLaughlin
William W. McLaughlin
Wilson McLean
James H. McLure
Robert McMahan
Martin J. McMahon
Gilbert M. McMaster
Robert B. McMaster
Thomas McMasters
Isaac McMichael
John McMichael
John C. McMichael
Andrew McMillan
Melancthon W. McMillan
John McMillen
William C. McMillen
Charles Wesley McMinn
G. D. McMorran
Enos L. McMullen
Joseph Morgan McNair
George McNall
Joseph McNall
John McNamee
John McNeal
John Hodges McNeill
William McPhilliany
James McRoberts
James McRoberts
John McRoberts
Charles Lockhart McVicker
Daniel McWilliams
Isaac Meanor
Samuel S. Meanor

Index to additional Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Biographies

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