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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Family Biographies - Twenty one

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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David Macferron
John Mackin
Alexander Mader
Frederick M. Magee
William Henry Magill
James Sanson Maguire
D. Web Mains
Joseph Higbee Maits
William Henry Mallisee
Ferdinand Malsch
Charles E. Manby
Adam Mangold
F. Mankedick
Hannah Manown
W. B. Manown
J. W. Marlatt
John R. Marshall
Alexander Martin
James Martin
John Martin
John A. Martin
Joseph Martin, Jr.
Sylvester Stephen Marvin
John F. Marx
Louis Marx
James Mason
L. Mason
William Mason
John Wiley Mateer
James Clubine Mates
Henry Mathews
Jonah Mathias
Frank Hickman Matlack
James M. Matlack
Jacob Maurer
Robert Maxwell
Joseph and James May
Luke L. May
Peter May
C. P. Mayer
George W. J. McAdams
Joseph H. McAdams
Alexander McAteer
H. Elliott McBride
Homer J. McBride
Alfred McCabe
Howard L. McCabe
Thomas F. McCabe
R. S. P. McCall
John McCallen
Philip McCandless
Wilson McCandless
Andrew McCartney
J. S. McCartney
Robert McCartney
John McChesney
John McClaren
John McClarin
J. H. McClelland
Aaron McClintock
James McClintock
Abdiel McClure
Francis C. McClure
Francis N. McClure
J. H. McClure
James McClure
M. L. McClure
William McClure
Index to additional Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Biographies

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