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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Family Biographies - Three

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Charles Bachman
Frederick Backhaus
C. Baeuerlein
Charles M. Bailey
James Madison Bailey
John B. Bailie
Joseph C. Bailiff
D. F. Bair
Joseph Baker
John Baldrige, Jr.
F. E. Baldwin
Robert Emes Ballard
James Madison Balph
B. Bandi
John Bandi
David Barclay
Thomas Barrett
William John Bartley
A. M. Barton
Joseph Barton
William Barton
Charles W. Batchelor
Charles Bauer
William Bauer
Reuben F. Bauman
Frank Baumann
William Beadling
Frederick W. Bealafeld
George W. Beale
John B. Beatty
Robert Beatty
Blosius Beck
Charles S. Beck
Michael Beck
Frank Becker
Henry S. Becker
Philip Beckert
A. W. Bedell
J. Charles Bedell
William Bedell
James Philip Beech
Evan Beedle
Johann Beierlein
John F. Beilstein
Edmund Belfour
John A. Bell
Robert Bell
W. M. A. Bell
W. S. Bell
Daniel Bennett
William Bennett
Henry Berg
P. T. Berg
Frank G. Bergman
James H. Berry
Simon Cameron Bethune
John Bevington
Simon Beymer
Richard Bibby
Charles Biehl
Henry Johnson Bigger
James Bigham
Henry Wilkins Bigley
J. T. Birney
Frank Semple Bissell
Simeon Bissell
John Ballingall Bissett
Charles A. Black
John Black
John Black
John W. Black
N. J. Black
Robert Black
William M. Black
Index to additional Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Biographies

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