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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Family Biographies - Thirty four

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Henry Stein
John Steinhilber
Jacob Stemler
William Richards Stephens
James Stephenson
Joshua Stephenson
D. A. Sterritt
F. Stevener
A. B. Stevenson
Alexander King Stevenson
Alexander M. Stevenson
Andrew Brown Stevenson
John Sheldon Stevenson
P. H. Stevenson
Thomas Jefferson Stevenson
Archibald McFee Stewart
Henry Stewart
J. C. Stewart
James M. Stewart
James W. Stewart
John S. Stewart
John W. Stewart
Joseph Stewart
Levi J. Stewart
Robert Stewart
Robert E. Stewart
Robert S. Stewart
William Galbraith Stewart
Charles F. Stifel
C. H. Stilley
Louis Stipe
James T. Stockdale
Louis Stocker
M. Stoll
Abraham Stoner
Frederick Stoner
Henry Stoner
Joseph Stoner
John C. Stonesipher
James Storer
John Story
Andrew Perkins Stotler
Emanuel Stotler
John Stoner Stotler
Edwin H. Stowe
Daniel Stratton
Richard Straw
Arthur Stuart
Cyrus R. Stuckslager
August Ernst Succop
Frank Rudolph Succop
Jacob Sullinger
Charles A. Sullivan
Samuel Sutter
R. Stansbury Sutton
Homer H. Swaney
Sylvester Swartswelder
John Swearingen
John Swisshelm
J. W. Sykes
James F. Sykes
Robert Sylves
Index to additional Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Biographies

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