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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Family Biographies - Five

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Michael Bright, Sr.
Peter Bright
William M. Brinker
Joseph Brooker
Adam Mercer Brown
Daniel B. Brown
James Brown
James Brown
James J. Brown
James M. Brown
John Gemmill Brown
Joseph Brown
Samuel G. Brown
Samuel John Brown
William Brown
William H. Brown
Ephraim Brunner
Felix Brunot
Felix R. Brunot
Hilary Brunot
William Bard Brush
Miles Bryan
William Alexander Bryans
James C. Bryant
John H. Bryant
C. K. Bryce
R. D. Bryce
David Bryson
W. H. Bryson
Earnest C. A. Buch
Henry Clay Bughman
Daniel Bulford
John J. Bullion
W. S. Bullock
A. H. Burket
Phillip Burkhard
Frederick Burki
Alexander H. Burns
Andrew Burns
George Burns
John Sylvester Burns
Thomas Burns
Martha Burtner
Daniel Bushnell
James E. Byers
James R. Byers
John M. Byers
William P. Byers
Michael O. Byrne
Index to additional Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Biographies

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