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Below is a family biography included in the Biographical Annals of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania published in 1904 by T. S. Benham & Company and The Lewis Publishing Company; Elwood Roberts, Editor.  These biographies are valuable for genealogy research in discovering missing ancestors or filling in the details of a family tree. Family biographies often include far more information than can be found in a census record or obituary.  Details will vary with each biography but will often include the date and place of birth, parent names including mothers' maiden name, name of wife including maiden name, her parents' names, name of children (including spouses if married), former places of residence, occupation details, military service, church and social organization affiliations, and more.  There are often ancestry details included that cannot be found in any other type of genealogical record.

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ANDREW M. BARLOW. The earliest ancestor of the family of whom there is any authentic information was John Barlow, great-grandfather of Andrew M. Barlow, who was born May 16, 1763. By his marriage to Phoebe Bolton, who was born March 10, 1761, the following named children were born: Mahlon, born January 3, 1788, died April 28, 1809; John, born August 12, 1790, mentioned hereinafter; Abner, born December 28, 1792; Nathan, born January 27, 1795; Rebecca, born October 3, 1797; Joel, born February 18, 1799, died March 15, 1832; and Phoebe, born May 18, 1802, became the wife of David Evans.

John Barlow, grandfather of Andrew M. Barlow, was born in Limerick township, Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, August 12, 1790. He was educated in the common schools of that day, and for a number of years thereafter he was employed in farming on the homestead. Later he purchased a farm in his native township, which he operated until his death, in 1848. He was a successful business man, and enjoyed the respect and confidence of his fellow-citizens. He married Anna Evans, of Limerick township, a representative of an old family of Welsh descent, the ancestors having come to Pennsylvania in the time of William Penn. They were the parents of the following named children: Mahlon, Mary, Charlotte, and James Barlow.

James Barlow, father of Andrew M. Barlow, was a native of Limerick township, Montgomery county. He was educated in the school adjacent to his home, and throughout the years of his active career devoted his attention exclusively to farming pursuits. In politics he was a Democrat, always taking an active part in behalf of the interests of his party. He married Sophia Markley, daughter of Andrew Markley, a farmer of New Hanover township, Montgomery county, Pennsylvania. Their children are: Elizabeth, who became the wife of Warren Kuyler, a farmer of Limerick township. Richard, who married Elizabeth Neiman, and after her death married Mary H. Cochran, of New York city; they reside at Linfield. J. Calvin, born January 9, 1854, on the old homestead; he was educated at the common schools and at Washington Hall at Trappe, and followed teaching for ten years in Limerick township, after which he worked in the city of Philadelphia in the Kline & Company, stove foundry, for three years was clerk for the Marsh & Brownback Stove Company at Linfield, and during the year 1903 for the Royersford Trust Company. He is a Free Mason, and a Knight of the Golden Eagle. He is a Democrat in politics, and during President Cleveland’s administration was appointed postmaster of Linfield; he also served for nine years as assessor of Limerick township. His church membership is with the Lutheran church of Limerick township. For the past fourteen years he has made his home with his brother, Andrew M. Brooke M. resides at Limerick Square, is assessor of the township, and a director in the Royersford Trust Company; he married Savilla Walt. Andrew M., mentioned hereinafter. James Barlow, father of these children, died January 25, 1881, aged sixty years; his wife died October 24, 1903.

Andrew M. Barlow was born in Limerick township, Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, October 16, 1858. He obtained his education in the public schools and at Washington Hall at Trappe. He then resided in the home of an uncle with whom he learned the blacksmith trade. On completing his apprenticeship he went to Stempton, where he entered the car shops and worked at his trade, remaining there one year, after which he returned to his old home in Limerick township. He then learned telegraphy, and in 1879 entered the employ of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Company, remaining until 1890, when he removed to his present farm, which he purchased in 1886. In politics Mr. Barlow is a Democrat, and aside from serving as school director for five terms has never sought or held office. He is a member of the Masonic order; a Knight of the Golden Eagle; and a member of Humane Fire Company, No. 1, of Royersford.

On December 3, 1881, Mr. Barlow married Ida M. Yeager, daughter of William Yeager, a farmer of Limerick township. Their children, both of whom reside at home, are: Florence S., born October 19, 1882; and William Y., born January 6, 1885. Mr. Barlow was confirmed in the Swamp Lutheran church, April 14, 1877, and is still a member of that congregation. His wife and family were confirmed in the St. Vincent Reformed church, Chester county, Pennsylvania, and are members of that congregation.

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