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Brown County, Ohio Family Biographies - Two

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

Index to Additional Brown County, Ohio Biographies
Charles Abbott
E. C. Abbott
Levi T. Abbott
Henry Adam
John M. Alexander
Elizabeth Allen
William B. Allen
Francois Amiot
George Andrews
Henry Andrews
Emile Andriot
Benjamin Franklin Applegate
Daniel W. Applegate
John J. Arnold
Columbus S. Arthur
John Arthur
Lawrence Arzeno
Richard Askren
John S. Atwood
Bray Aubry
John Aubry
Albert M. Baird
George Baird
George N. Baird
James Baird
Jesse L. Baird
George Baker
Jonathan Baldwin
William C. Baldwin
G. Bambach
Thomas Bamber
William Bamber, Sr.
Nathan P. Banks
Joseph Barber
Tousaint Barbier
Huston Bare
Robert A. Barnes
H. H. Barngrover
John Wesley Barns
David Barr
Patrick Barron
F. M. Bartlow
Isaac Bartlow
Frederick Bauer
Martin V. Bavis
Harvey Beasley
Jeptha C. Beasley
Massie Beasley
Isaac M. Beck
Thomas Beck
Nicholas Becker
Samuel Beery
Robert P. Bennington
William Bennington
Peter Benua
Florin Berger
Joseph L. Berger
Abram Berry
S. P. Berry
M. Beyersdoerfer
John P. Biehn
Louis Biehn
Hiram J. Bindley
George W. Bingaman
William Allen Bivans
Index to Additional Brown County, Ohio Biographies

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