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Brown County, Ohio Family Biographies - Five

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

Index to Additional Brown County, Ohio Biographies
Martin Reddick
Alpheus Reed
A. W. Rees
J. W. Rees
John M. Rees
Joseph Rees
S. W. Rees
Thomas Reeve
Lewis Reinert
G. Christian Reisinger
Henry Remley
Henry N. Remley
Anthony Resibois
Jacob M. Reynolds
Huston Rhoten
William Rhoten
Joseph Rice
Robert D. Rice
Samuel J. Rice
Joseph Perry Richards
J. L. Richey
John W. Richey
William Lee Richey
Thomas B. Rickey
L. C. Riedle
Frederick Risch
John W. Robbins
James R. Robertson
A. J. Robinson
Frances Rosselot
Peter L. Rosselot
Steward Rounds
W. F. Rush
Fred Rutz
James S. Salisbury
Thomas S. Salisbury
Eliza J. and Martha Sallee
Patrick Savage
William Schaehfer
George Scheer
Matthias Schmitz
J. M. Schwallie
Philip Schweickart
Christian Schweighart
William Schweighart
J. R. Scott
John C. Scott
Robert Scott, Sr.
Jacob Segondollar
Benjamin Sells, Jr.
Jacob D. Shannon
Andrew J. Shaw
Anthony Shaw, Jr.
Naaman D. Shaw
Petee Shaw
S. B. Sheldon
Thomas Sheldon
S. W. Shepherd
George R. Shields
B. B. Shinkle
George W. Shinkle
M. H. Shinkle
Michael Shinkle
Walter L. Shinkle
James D. Short
Index to Additional Brown County, Ohio Biographies

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