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Washington County, Missouri Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Francis M. Adams
J. Rush Anthony
William S. Anthony
F. T. Aubuchon
David N. Baker
E. H. Baugher
Eugene C. Baugher
Andrew Bean
John B. Bell
James F. Bennett
Jerome Causin Berryman
John W. Berryman
Ellis W. Bliss
Francis M. Boas
Robert J. Boas
Robert A. Boring
John B. Boyer
Smith G. Breckenridge
Robert T. Brown
Robert C. Bryan
Henry Bub
R. M. Bugg
McK. Burton
Robert Bust
Sam Byrns
Albert F. Carr
Andrew Casey
Andrew Casey
Edmond Casey
Morgan A. Casey
William J. Casey
John T. Clarke
George and Joseph Cresswell
Edward E. Curtis
Charles L. Daniels
P. E. Daugherty
Benjamin Davidson
Evan B. Day
Richard H. Dearing

John F. Declue
Joseph Deggendorf
Mark W. Dent
John L. Detchemendy
Louis F. Dinning
John B. Dumphy
Jesse L. Eaton
James S. Evans
Samuel D. Evans
John, William H. and Robert H. Evens
John and Michael M. Flynn
Samuel D. Gibson
Eugene Godat
Charles L. Gough
Charles B. Gray
Moses Grenia
Shadrach B. Hancock
Robert Hardie
Reuben Harmon
Frank Harris
Alex Harrison
George P. Harvey
Augustus Hawkins
Hyrcanus Hawkins
John H. Headlee
Jesse F. Henslee
Chasteen Hicks
Cruise Higginbotham
Lytle Bledsaw Higginbotham
Thomas, Wilder, Lytle B., Z. Filmore and Cruise Higginbotham

Wilder Higginbotham
Zachary Filmore Higginbotham
Additional Washington County, Missouri Biographies

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