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Phelps County, Missouri Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

To view a map of Phelps County, Missouri: Phelps County, Missouri Map

Samuel F. Arthur
John Baker
Peter Baumgartner
Edmund Ward Bishop
Charles C. Bland
Emil G. Boisselier
James R. Bowman
Elizabeth Branson
Daniel D. Burns
Nathan L. Burwell
Joseph Campbell
John D. Carpenter
Charles Cartall
David E. Cowan
Robert B. Cowan
George W. Davis
Charles M. Dean
Henry Dean
Stephen D. Dean
Daniel Donahoe
William T. Evans
Frederick C. Flint
William Fort
James M. Freeman
Cyrus H. Frost
John S. Frost
Pleasant M. Gaddy
William R. Hale
Thomas M. Hanrahan
Edward M. Harrison
James B. Harrison
Perry D. Hawkins
Samuel H. Headlee
Horatio S. Herbert
Menzo House
John Gregory Hutcheson
William T. Hutcheson
Thomas M. Jones
William C. Kelly
William A. Kitchen
John B. Lamb
D. T. Lenox
John Lenox
Grandason B. LeSueur
John Simpson Livesay
A. S. Long
Robert A. Love
Otto P. Margedant
Charles N. Martin
Charles M. McCrae
Robert Meriwether
Lea H. Miller
Levi Mitchell
Luman F. Parker
Robert T. Parker
James Ramsey
Alexander J. Rauch
Charles Roster
James B. Sally
Hiram M. Shaw
F. W. Shinman
John L. Short
James L. Smith
Joseph A. Smith
Ernst Soest
J. L. Stewart
William Stimson
William Ten Eyck
Lewis Henry Thompson
William Vetter
John Weber

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