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Lawrence County, Missouri Family Biographies - Five

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

To view a map of Lawrence County, Missouri: Lawrence County, Missouri Map

Additional Lawrence County Biographies: Allen to Conrad
Additional Lawrence County Biographies: Cook to Hobbs
Additional Lawrence County Biographies: Hopper to Morgans

Additional Lawrence County Biographies: Morris to Snyder
W. C. Spann
Jonathan Spencer
John F. Spilman
John Jasper Spilman
George N. Spring
James D. Springer
F. C. Stellhorn
Charles Stollman
Garnett Sullivan
Henry Sullivan
James W. Sutton
William O. Sutton
John Thomas Teel
William Devillon Tillotson
S. W. Todd
R. H. Tolbart
James Trotter
Canada Troutwine
A. M. Turk
B. K. Turk
Finley L. Underwood
R. L. Vannice
Warren Vertrees
D. T. Wainright, Sr.
D. T. Wainright, Jr.
James F. Watson
C. T. Welty
S. M. Whaley
Thomas H. Whann
A. R. Wheat
William C. Whinrey
James Madison White
William S. White
Jason L. Wight
Bernhard Wild
J. M. Wilkerson
J. M. Wilks
John R. Williams
W. M. Williams
William H. Williams
William J. Williams
Leonard A. Williamson
George Willis Wilson
J. S. Wilson
John Wilson
Harry Wood
Jared Ryker Woodfill
Daniel E. Woods
John H. Woods
Richard C. Woods
John H. Wooldridge
Thomas C. Wooten
Jonathan Hawley Wormington
F. D. Wright
Henry Wilson Wright
William Yeoman
Isaac B. Young

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