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Cherokee County, Kansas Family Biographies - Four

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Jehiel Railsback
J. Allen Rakestraw
S. W. Ramsey
John A. Ratcliff
James B. Rauch
George W. Read
George H. Redell
Charles Reinhardt
Val Richards
A. G. Robb
Moses Robeson
William H. Rodgers
Robert H. Sands
Charles A. Saunders
Edward C. Scammon
Hannibal Scovell
C. W. Sears

P. F. Shackle
Jay F. Shearman
James A. Sheridan
A. H. Skidmore
Gage Slusser
James Smith
M. L. Smith
William Smith
W. B. Spencer
John Stauffer
J. A. Stephenson
Charles O. Stockslager
Thomas A. Stockslager
David Svance
W. E. Swanson
Harry Tamblyn
James W. Taylor
R. A. Teeter
George Theis Jr.
James A. Thompson
Dimit S. Thornton
S. B. Throop
J. W. Tompkins
Thomas M. Townsend
Walter S. Tuttle
John E. Tutton
M. J. Vance
C. A. Varnum
R. W. Vaughan
Robert A. Vaughan
John T. Veatch
Julius L. Viereck
David Vincent
Govey Wade
G. A. Wadleigh
William Walke
J. P. Walters
Charles Watson
John M. Watson
T. M. Weir
William D. Wells
Isaac P. West
John Whitcraft
Henry Wiggins
William O. Wiley
Albert Willard
O. N. Williams
Zebina Williams
W. W. Williamson
A. D. Wilson
John L. Wilson
T. J. Wilson
W. H. Wilson
J. Wiswell
Clarence L. Woodruff
Haley B. Wright
J. B. Yeager
Ernst Yoas

J. J. Zimmerman

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